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We don't just talk about possibilities. We make them possible.

LMW has a long and proud history in the industry and is the only independent property valuation and services group listed on the ASX.

LMW has been at the forefront of industry consolidation, recently merging with Taylor Byrne. The consolidation of these businesses has not only made LMW bigger, it has also made the business better: new people, new ideas and the creation of a property services operation with more than 400 expert staff in over 40 regional locations around Australia.

LMW has a rich history

The company has a long and proud heritage. As leaders in the provision of commercial and residential property valuations, we have provided research and advice to many thousands of homeowners, investors, developers and lenders. With offices across Australia and with over 400 people, LMW offers a wide range of services which include commercial and residential valuations, research and property advice.
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