Corporate Responsibility

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Valued Relationships

As a valuation and advisory company our performance is founded on the quality and sustainability of the relationships that we have with our employees, our customers and our shareholders, as well as with the communities and professional industries with which we are associated and, at a higher level, the environment.

We deeply value our relationships with these stakeholders and are committed to being responsible as a company to meeting their needs and enhancing the experience we afford each of them; as a member of our team, in the quality of professional service we provide, in the strength of shareholder returns we deliver, or in the contribution we make to community well-being and environmental sustainability. To fulfill this commitment we have developed a corporate responsibility strategy called Valued Relationships and a Corporate Responsibility Policy.

Our Valued Relationships Strategy

In 2015 LMW conducted a materiality assessment to determine which environmental, social or governance (ESG) are most material to our business and our key stakeholders. Examples of the issues that ranked as highly important included:

  • Operating ethically.
  • Supporting long-term performance.
  • Effective identification of ESG risks and factoring ESG in business decision-making.
  • Transparency of ESG information.
  • Attraction and retention of good employees, their health and well being and their development.
  • Good employment practices, including non-discrimination, diversity and fair pay.
  • Workplace health and safety.
  • Influencing good environmental sustainability practices in our market.
  • Privacy, including with data.

To respond to our most material issues LMW is working to four strategic objectives over the next three years and with four guiding principles.

Objective 1: Employee Attractive
Attract the best people to work for us, including through embracing diversity, being fair, supporting well-being and productivity and enabling rewarding career paths.

Objective 2: Green Building Progressive
Help lead our market in the advancement of green real estate application in valuation and advisory. Reduce the environmental footprint of our own operations.

Objective 3: Industry Shaping
Play an active role in helping to shape our industry to operate responsibly and for the sustained benefit of all of its stakeholders.

Objective 4: Community Caring
Support the well-being of communities we are associated with.

Our Guiding Principles

Principle 1: Maintain excellence in governance.

Principle 2: Be transparent with our performance.

Principle 3: Care for people.

Principle 4: Be prepared to lead our clients and industry.


LMW is taking the following actions:

  1. Development and implementation of our Green Plan; to reduce the environmental footprint of our offices and business travel. This includes meeting targets of 10% reductions in our office energy and paper use over the next two years.
  1. Revision and implementation of our Community Plan; to support communities that we are associated with though corporate giving and employee giving and volunteering.
  1. Improvement to our workplaces and IT platform to support the comfort, well-being and productivity of our staff.
  1. Refinement of our corporate governance and employment policies, procedures and practices.
  1. Preparation to report our corporate responsibility performance publicly.