25th Jul 2018

LMW Vendor Advocacy – Residential Property WA

LMW Advisory business in Perth offers a completely independent service of ‘Vendor Advocacy’ to home-owners and investors who are looking to sell their residential property and wish to eliminate the time-consuming and stressful challenge of selecting the right real estate agent to handle the sale and will also manage the selling process in conjunction with the agent on your behalf.

By engaging the right selling agent at the outset to market your property you will give yourself the best chance of enacting a quick result and importantly receive the maximum sale price for your property.

Vendor advocacy is a relatively new service on offer in the Western Australian property market and the benefits for the seller are worth considering.  As your vendor advocate, LMW Advisory will work exclusively on your behalf to carefully select a professional real estate agent who is a local area specialist and LMW will co-ordinate the entire selling process from sign-up through to settlement.

The advocacy service is structured simply:

Independent assessment of the property’s true value

It is critical to carefully establish a realistic value of your property at the outset rather than an inflated estimate to win the listing.  The LMW Advisory team have the important advantage of being Certified Practising Valuers who, not only understand the local market and what drives values, are fully conversant in calculating the correct value.  We will also work closely with you to understand your individual objectives, timeframe expectations and any other details specific to your circumstances.

Selecting the best agent to market your property

Finding the right real estate agent to sell your property presents a minefield of challenges and engaging the wrong agent will cost you dearly in time, money and frustration.  As a long-established business in WA, LMW has valued almost every second home in Perth and forged many strong relationships with credible agents who we can confidently recommend to sell your property.

As part of our Advocacy service, we will short-list and guide you in selecting the right agent to sell your property – this is a huge time saver and you will be making an informed decision based on the agent’s professional experience, marketing, selling success in your local area and innovative approach.  We only recommend agents who are fully committed to delivering the best value-for-money result.

Our review process will also be based on each agent submitting their price range estimate, marketing strategy, and negotiate an equitable fee/commission structure.  Whilst our Vendor Advocate service co-ordinates the entire process and puts forward recommendations, the final decision in choosing a selling agent is made by the vendor.

The selling campaign and managing the process through to settlement

Throughout the marketing campaign to sell your residential property, LMW Advisory will manage the entire process and ensure that your best interests are placed first and foremost at all times.  We will maintain close communication with both the agent and our client the seller, providing regular updates, transparent feedback, coordinate inspections to suit your individual requirements, and independent advice on any offers submitted.

Our core focus is to achieve the maximum sale price with the preferred terms and conditions that best suit our client, and professionally manage a smooth transition through to settlement.  For legal reasons, the seller will be required to engage a licenced conveyancer or solicitor to prepare the appropriate documentation.  

Key benefits of using LMW Advisory’s Vendor Advocacy service:

  • Complete independence
  • Experienced property professionals
  • Understanding current market conditions and price trends
  • Efficient management of the entire marketing and selling process
  • Fully conversant with contracts, documents, legalities, due diligence
  • Saving the seller precious time and eliminating stress and frustration
  • Money saved by negotiating agent’s fees, assessing property’s accurate value and ensuring maximum sale price is achieved

Our experience in transacting the buying and selling of residential property means that LMW Advisory can provide you with invaluable insight and give you the peace of mind to make confident decisions.

If you are interested in discussing your individual property requirements, please contact Ben Lamers, Director LMW Advisory (WA) on 0407 723 770 or ben.lamers@lmw.com.au for a no-obligation conversation.   

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