Henry Chau

Henry Chau has a background in all aspects of transacting real estate and has developed a comprehensive understanding of capital markets, credit and financial feasibility.  He has a Bachelor of Commerce, Banking & Finance Degree in addition to qualifications in Business Administration, Business Management and Real Estate Agent accreditation.

With strong analytical abilities and experience as an investment specialist, Henry operates with a vast knowledge of market analysis, due diligence and risk management to assist in prudent asset selection.

Having worked in both residential and commercial sectors in the Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast markets, Henry is well versed in the fundamentals of successful property investment and the many components that go to deliver strong capital returns to his clients. 

He is a valued member of the LMW Advisory team in Western Australia and provides an important dimension to LMW’s Advisory team with his multi-lingual skills in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. 



Henry Chau是一名銀行和金融學士, 對資本市場,財務分析,房地產發展和投資有全面的了解, 並擁有豐富工商管理經驗和房地產經紀資格認證,是一名全方位的房地產專家。






Henry Chau是一名银行和金融学士, 对资本市场,财务分析,房地产发展和投资有全面的了解。并拥有丰富工商管理经验和房地产经纪资格认证,是一名全方位的房地产专家。