Insurance Valuations

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Insurance Valuations

While many people understand the value of insurance, not many understand the significance of insurance valuation. Too often, businesses will find that the sum insured is inadequate, leaving them to fund the rest of the replacement costs from their own pockets.

Although it is common to assume that insurance coverage should be adjusted based on increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), there are actually a number of factors that influence these numbers. LMW is dedicated to providing a tailored insurance valuation that considers all of these elements, to ensure that each client is fully aware of the appropriate insurance coverage.


Unless a business has recently had an insurance based valuation, the sums insured are often inadequate and potentially represent only 50-75 per cent of the ‘true’ replacement amount. There are of course exceptions, and we do find cases of more accurate or sometimes over stated replacement values.

You may need a professional insurance valuer if:

  1. You require independent valuations.
  2. You have never engaged a qualified valuer to assess your declared value for insurance.
  3. You are reviewing your business interruption cover.
  4. It has been more than two years since your last independent insurance valuation.
  5. Your asset base has changed through acquisition or downsizing.
  6. You are undertaking an insurance risk assessment.

Download a copy of LMW's Insurance Brochure here.


Brenton Salmon

National Head of insurance Valuations
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