Property Advice

Property Advice

LMW can provide your organisation with research and a property buyer's agent specialising in 'investment grade' residential and commercial property acquisition.  Our advisory team across Australia are market leaders and understand the fundamentals and intricacies of how the market works.

LMW advisers know where to look, what to buy and how to negotiate.

  • Are you currently considering purchasing a property?
  • Are you confident that the property you are considering meets all of your investment needs?
  • Does market evidence suggest the property will deliver strong future income and capital returns?

We carefully analyse your needs and adopt a specific search strategy to locate a property that best suits your requirements.  

Our service operates with complete independence and we do not receive fees, payments, concessions or commissions from any external source therefore the advice we provide is totally unbiased and impartial.  We do not promote or sell property on behalf of developers or agents.      

Discuss with our property advisers how they can help you achieve your goals and ensure success in your property buying decision.


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